What Charges Faster USB or Wall Charger?

Media players, mobile devices, external hardware maters and other electronics devices draw power from USB connections. USB power ports are connected with either the desktop computer or laptop or directly plug into the wall outlet with a USB adaptor.

USB charger vs wall charger both methods charge your device efficiently. But the two-charging method has its own pros and cons. Here are some of the factors of wall charging and USB charging are listed below

USB port

Power supply

The USB port frequently supply a maximum of 500 milligrams of an electrical current at the time of charging process. Compared to the USB charger the wall charger provides a maximum current. In household electrical circuits supplier are carried out at 15 to 20 amps. But the charging device are limited up to 2 amps. Device charging are faster in wall charger that the USB port.

Convenience factor

While charging your smart phone or media player you have to carry an extra wire for charging purpose in USB port progression. USB port are also useful when the outlet is limited. You can connect the way out with your device and another one for your laptop. The process is very simple plug it in the laptop and connect the device to the laptop’s USB portal. The convenience rate is higher in USB slower charging time compared to the limited wall power.

Power usage

The larger amount of electricity is wasted by wall chargers. When the wall charger changes step down power for higher energy from the outlet to the lower energy that the devices uses. It emits unused power as heat. When you plug the devices into the wall charger, it keeps wasting the electrical current, even if no devices are connected to the charger. While in USB charging require less electrical energy doesn’t deliver any charges hence the computer is already converting the power from the wall outlet.

USB difference

The newer USB 3.0 and 3.1 standards provide maximum speed of charging with USB and wall charger and offers an efficient power management that the older 2.0 technology. You can charge your older devices with the latest USB ports because of its backward compatible.

Global Standard

USB charging can be done with any kind of USB ports. On the other hand, Wall charging takes more power while traveling from converter array and plugs. USB charging are the standardized one which is useful for charging and using devices even outside the country.